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We offer several lodging options for your group or family ski trip on the mountain resort. Fine tune your ski capabilities in a matter of a few days by exploring all the slopes in the area and visiting the many restaurants and bars.

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A Stand-out Among Healthcare Consulting Firms

With decades of both on-the-ground and executive experience, Variax Health understands healthcare and all its complexities. We can help you get from where you are to where you want to go.

Our Leadership

To meet the needs of the healthcare industry, Variax Health is led by a knowledgeable group of seasoned healthcare industry veterans. Co-Founders Brad Van Pelt, Ryan Call, and Cory Texier have collectively spent over 40 years within the laboratory, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

The Future of Healthcare Delivery

The vision of Variax Health is to create coordinated care networks in order to ensure that healthcare providers have access to the tests and technology that they need to provide outstanding care to patients. Beyond the traditional capabilities of ordinary healthcare consulting firms, Variax Health introduces the coordination of world-class ancillary healthcare and diagnostic services as well as the implementation of administrative best practices to streamline and modernize internal operations and synchronize and optimize patient care.

About Variaxhealth

Variax Health is a vertically integrated full-service omni-channel health and information technology company dedicated to driving efficiencies and operational improvements for its clients. Variax partners with hospitals, physician offices, payers, ancillary services providers and technology companies that deliver improved bottom line results. Variax helps its customers improve their financial, operational, and overall performance with solutions that include a variety of managed services ranging from ancillary programs, revenue cycle improvement, software and analytics solutions, and cybersecurity. To obtain more information or to contact Variax Health, visit variaxhealth.com or email info@variaxhealth.com.

Physician Offices
Ancillary Services Providers
Technology Companies

About Life Science Ventures

Life Science Ventures is a diversified company whose operations include, ancillary healthcare services, pharmacy, research, service-line development, revenue cycle management and improvement, software and analytics, and technology-enabled services that optimize communications, payments and actionable insights designed to enable smarter healthcare. By leveraging the Life Science Ventures family of companies which include: Variax Health, Variax Health Rx, Variax International, Validyn, NuPharm Biotech, and Pharmedio, clients and partners are able to increase revenue, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, increase cash flow and more effectively manage complex workflows. To obtain more information or to contact Life Science Ventures, visit lifescienceventuresinc.com or email info@lifescienceventuresinc.com

Ancillary Healthcare Services
Service-line Development
Revenue Cycle Management
Software & Analytics

What clients say?

I would not hesitate even one bit to work with them for my future healthcare…

Amelia Lee Sales, demolink.org

I’ve never known another consulting firm to be more prepared or focused. You have the…

Mark Wilson CEO “WilsonCompany”

I am happy that I chose Variax Health to help improve our revenue cycle management…

Jill Miller Artist